The Use of Interactive Kiosks for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are always looking for ways to increase sales and expand their customer outreach. One tool that can help them to engage more consumers and improve the dealership experience is the interactive kiosk. With an interactive kiosk, the dealership gets a marketing tool that can really improve the experience for potential customers in a range of different ways, but not only that, it can also assist your staff in with certain tasks.


The most obvious job that a touch-screen kiosk can perform is that of advertising the automobiles and services that you offer. While the machine is waiting for a customer or sales representative to interact with it, it can be set to feature the advertisements for a range of products. It can also be set to place subtle advertisements in with the functional display screens that the consumer will use. While advertising is a nice feature, the interactive kiosk can do much more than that.

It can be a virtual showroom

The interactive kiosk can allow the dealer to feature more vehicles than they have physical space for. The kiosk can be programmed to have directories that will help to guide the consumer through the catalog of vehicles that are available and it will allow them to view features and specs of their different options. If the vehicle is onsite, it can also give them directions to the vehicle so they can see it up close. This can also be helpful to the sales associates, because they can take the customer on a tour of the cars that they might be interested in without having to walk the entire lot. Users can search by parameters such as price range, model year, color and the dealer can even setup a tab for their featured autos.

For new cars, this can be a really advantageous tool. You can program the interactive kiosk to allow the user to build the car how they want it. The consumer can select a model, learn about the different options that are available and choose the ones that they want, all the while viewing a digital representation of the car that they are building on the screen.

Alternative point of contact

You can also use the interactive kiosk as a partial substitute for the sales associate. On a busy day, a customer might come in and have to wait for a sales representative because the staff is already busy with other customers. Instead of having to wait for assistance, a staff member can direct them to the interactive kiosk where they can begin shopping and learning about their options until a sales representative is available to assist them in person. This can make for a better experience for the consumer and it can be a great service to the sales staff.

With the range of different options that are available, auto dealerships can find a lot of uses for interactive kiosks and digital signage. They can be used to increase consumer awareness and to provide information to the customer and the staff while also being a key component to the dealer’s consumer engagement strategy. For dealers that are looking for versatile tool that can build on their brand, an interactive kiosk might be the perfect solution.

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