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Our digital solutions will empower you to engage with your customers at BTL activations, events, conferences and exhibition stands.

The Pandemic’s effect on Physical Spaces

Retail and showroom footfall crisis

The effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic have been unprecedented and fatal on retail. For the foreseeable future, people wouldn’t want to visit physical stores when they have the option of not doing so. How can an experience be designed, that closely mimics a physical space?

The world has lately seen a surge of e-commerce users. Consider the experience of physical spaces given on a virtual platform. This idea opens a new possibility for browsing products enticingly and visually.

The Benefits


We create an engaging web-browser based platform in 3D/VR that acts as a beautiful online interface replacing your bricks and mortar store/showroom.

More Access

Your space just turned 24×7, rent-free! Visitors from any geography can access it any time or day of the week.

A better Identity

Online and e-commerce channels have become commonplace. The 3D/VR interface gives a unique brand identity and makes it stand out from the competition.

The Value Proposition

Fast Production

Our 3D designers and developers can ensure your store is up and running in a matter of weeks.

Linking to e-commerce

We can program hotspots in the 3D environment that links to your ecommerce page, where users can be redirected.


Customers, staff and merchandisers are protected amid health concerns of the pandemic.

Type 1: Stores & Shops

Due to new limitations because of the pandemic, the footfall of every bricks and mortar store has been significantly hit. At PearlQuest, we create stores that enable virtual shopping and redefine the look & feel. Customers use their phones or computers, yet not forgetting the physical store experience.

Using high-tech virtual reality engines, we can get a store up and running in a short time span. If you wish to have a 3D/VR walk-through of your same store, our 3600 photographers can first shoot images of your space and we embed the panorama into the experience.

Type 2: Showrooms

Prospects, both the B2B and B2C marketplace are hesitant to visit showrooms or meet at your office for getting more product information due to the changing circumstances. Businesses need to innovate and improvise their sales process.

imagine your catalog turbocharged. Whether you deal in heavy machinery or automobiles, cosmetics, or gym equipment – we can create a modern-looking 3D environment with all your products elegantly displayed for enhanced interaction with buyers. This 3D/VR space can be experienced on any phone or computer by visiting a URL. Your prospects don’t need to download any app or need any special hardware.


We gain a good understanding of your business and carry out a requirement engineering process. We suggest the way forward, understand all specifics and constraints.


We analyze 3D models of your products, the type of environment that will be best suited, if your physical space needs 360o photography. Create a project plan and implementation strategy.


Our designers and developers turn on the ‘geek mode’ and we create a ravishing online space that becomes the pride of your stakeholders and ensuring envy to competitors.

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