Draw in your audience for an interactive experience they will never forget!

Any conference or exposition is better when the attendees develop a strong sense of connection to each other. Participation with a deep sense of engagement is the magic that makes your interactive event unforgettable. You can increase the involvement of your audience and measure the results too! With the right digital systems from PearlQuest, your attendees can drive the tempo of the event through their participation and engagement.

These days, it is capturing the buzz of the digital community, amplifying it and collecting the insights that make hosted events successful. PearlQuest has the knowledge and experience to set you on the digital event management track that will deliver the most engaging and rewarding live interaction experience for your audience.

PearlQuest furnishes the digital event resources that make live interaction a two-way process.



Why fight it? Your event attendees and delegates are all looking at their mobile devices! Instead, use their digital habits to captivate and engage them. Social connections make events intimate and exciting and as the organizer, you can leverage the tools that attendees bring to the event. Conferences are always about connecting, when you do it better, the relationships you inspire will continue into the future; the positive associations will have delegates looking out for your future events with anticipation.

What does meaningful engagement look like at a gathering, conference, or exposition? There are so many distractions at events now that you need to crank up the power and draw your audience into the experience before they get lost in the crowd and their digital devices.

Fascinate your attendees with the latest digital presentation technology!

What would engagement be without the functionality of social media and digital devices? So exploit the potential of the technology and blend presentations with social media for a synergistically persuasive digitally enhanced venue for your audience to enjoy.

When you go further than providing Twitter and Facebook feeds and hashtags, you create the potential for long-term connections. You can build your conference around a platform that invites engagement and which sparks relationships that attendees retain for a lifetime.

Give your guests a platform for registration, calendars, menus, and live interactions such as voting and surveys. A little smart (phone) planning goes a long way with an event mobile app directly on your attendees’ devices. Whether your guests are on the conference floor or elsewhere, you can bring the action to them. Mobile and tablet apps provide the perfect platforms for boosting connections and gathering data, through analytics, surveys, and real-time voting in presentations. Now you can manage entire events digitally on one platform, from registration through speaking and out to follow up and feedback. You can review and nurture the social media postings of your guests, and empower them to find each other.

Capture your audience by making them part of the action!

Use PearlQuest’s audience engagement systems to make real connections.


A conference should be a transformative experience that sparks dialogues, and forms new, long-lasting relationships founded on interactive participation. Your attendees can have the tools to respond to presentations and discuss it among themselves. Simultaneously, you will reap the insights that help you guide the event and provide lessons to make your future events even better.

PearlQuest’s live interaction engagement for attendees makes your event unforgettable! Interactive voting systems create the connection and collaborative decision-making. Make your conference or exhibition respond proactively and learn how to make future experiences even better with the platforms, data and analytics for success.

Transform the torrent of conference material, business cards, and maps into business intelligence for you and a rewarding experience for your guests. You can control your event with more precision when you drive content and measure engagement directly in the devices that attendees bring to the event.

Integrate your event with a digital engine that drives it to the next level.


Connect with PearlQuest to make your next live event an interactive sensation!

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