Using Lumo Play we can help you make any projector or digital display interactive

Lumo Play allows you to easily create and manage a wide variety of interactive displays and digital signage for advertising, education, and events.

  • Supports motion, gesture, or touch interaction
  • Pre-made games for interactive floors, interactive walls, and touchscreen displays
  • Patented template system for custom game creation

Interactive projection and display showcase

See how others all over the word are using Lumo Play interactive display and projection software to promote their brands. Turn digital signage into audience engaging interactive floors, motion reactive walls, gesture and touch controlled windows and more…

Ngage Media, New Zealand
Moving Tactics, South Africa
Think Big by Trust, Peru

Mekka Digital, Hungary

Restaurant, Hong Kong
Google, Tokyo

How can PearlQuest help?

Lumo Play is an excellent technology that gives the capability to convert any surface or screen into an interactive interface. At PearlQuest, our team has extensive experience in the field of interactive digital system integration. We can help you install any Lumo Play experience or game at your venue.

Our services include:

  1. Lumo Play interactive experience consultation
  2.  Rentals, Installation & configuration of sensors – Kinect 2.0, Orbbec Astra, Webcams
  3. Turnkey solution including LED/Projection surface installations

Contact us today for your next Lumo Play installation

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