PearlQuest can help you make the most of your footfall by converting it to revenue. Turn visitors into buyers while giving them a great experience!

We offer cost-effective ROI-focused digital signage solutions. When you choose our OOH consultancy services, we let you leverage our Hardware & Software solution providers to craft a perfect, affordable solution for you.

We solve your Digital Signage needs. It so happens that clients are looking for Digital Signage incorporation in their retail space but are puzzled with the various technologies available. Our team can act as a guide for choosing the perfect solution as per the client’s need.

May it be a simple design for your marketing campaign or even a complex way-finding system for a shopping mall, we can craft the perfect solution.

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Screen Activations

With many screens installed in public areas like hospitals, governmental departments, and retail spaces; Clients initially put these up to keep customers engaged who are waiting. The intention was never to generate revenue from these screens using Dynamic Digital Signage.

With the advent of cost-effective Android-based media players, PearlQuest will activate these screens with these media players using 3G connectivity. This process will enable remote content management & deployment on these screens. The screen owners thus can draw revenue from the screens rather than just displaying some TV channel.

Turnkey Digital Signage Consulting

With extensive experience in this domain and knowledge about cost structures, PearlQuest can propose services where clients utilize their footfall by converting it into advertising revenue. We can provide custom Digital Signage integrations as per client requirements and budgets. A content contract and subsequent tie-ups with advertisers could be strategized as the next steps.

We can thus form a revenue-sharing arrangement between the client and the Company. Direct Digital Signage equipment supplier relations will ensure good margins and less effort.

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