Kingyoo 60″ LED-backlit Plasma Installation

Just installed a really cool 120″ screen (which works with the software mentioned in this post). I thought its substantive to write a post about the new technology of ‘LED-backlit Plasma Screens’. Developed by LG, manufactured by Kingyoo – both Korean partners, these displays provide excellent contrast ratio, lower seam gaps and yet, much lesser power consumption than traditional plasmas.

We commissioned this project at one of the top universities in Abu Dhabi and the client was really happy with the display. The display is made up using a 2×2 configuration, which results in a 120″ diagonal width and seam gaps as low as 2.5mm.

This product is available in the Middle East by Multitech AV. They can carry out supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the video walls.

Now thats a cool watch! Casio GB6900

Compatible with iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1 and iOS 6.0) and iPhone 5. To enable connection with an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Casio’s “G-SHOCK+” application must be downloaded from the App Store.

  • Incoming Notfications
  • Finder function
  • Lost Signal Notifcation

Gloss black resin band digital bluetooth watch with silver and black face.

iPhone Mobile Link Features

  • Notification of incoming calls and e-mails via the watch
  • Phone Finder function to enable iPhone alarm function from the watch
  • Warning vibration when the watch loses its connection to the iPhone
  • Time adjustment by synchronizing with time data received from the iPhone
  • Built-in tilt sensor to detect movement in the watch, while it is in power-saving mode, to automatically reconnect to the iPhone

Obscura Digital’s Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque

Something amazing had happened in Abu Dhabi last December. And the sad part is we don’t even know about it? The idea of architectural projection is one of the most astounding experiences anyone could get. I’m sure not many people in Abu Dhabi actually know that this was done on the National day.

Obscura Digital's Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque
Obscura Digital’s Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque

I wish I was there… Looking at the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque must have been an amazing moment. The marble which is used in this mosque must have given the other dimension, a cut above the rest. It’s quite evident in the video below:

Here’s what the Obscura site said:

In tribute to the United Arab Emirates 40th Anniversary, Obscura Digital has been commissioned to create a first ever series of elaborate projections that illuminate two landmarks of national identity – the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and the historic Al Jahili Fort – in the unique oasis city of Al Ain.

A superb interface for a 120″ video-wall, to read sensor outputs.

Sensor Output reader software for a university in Abu Dhabi
The Sensor Output reader software

A software interface specially developed for a well-known university in Abu Dhabi, to be displayed on the video wall which was integrated at the same location. The Software reads data from three different kinds of sensors – biometric, location and environmental. The resolution has been set to match the video wall screen size, four widgets are showing the information from sensors and reading live data.

The requirement was roughly told  us that have they needed a software or more of an interface that could actually show that outputs of sensors. This lab is a SMART technology lab, where they have many sensors along with  some proprietary software programs that gather the output data.

The challenge was to query the databases of the three sensors since each had their own unique db, and of a different kind. The interface was designed here in Abu Dhabi, and the four widgets that you see on the screen are actually pulling live data from the sensors. My partner company in India helped us with the backend development, using the node.js framework to program these widgets you see in the pictures.

Sensor Output reader software for a university in Abu Dhabi
Sensor Output reader software view from the side