What will you achieve when you can increase your customer engagement by fifty percent or more?

Everything’s better when it’s interactive!

The opportunities presented by multi-touch interface technology mean that future is already here! PearlQuest interactive develops solutions in interactive applications with multi-touch technology that guarantee to increase your customer engagement by 50-60 percent!

Increased engagement means relationships with your users that are stronger and more opportunities for revenue. When you amaze your users with compelling multi-touch experiences they build positive associations to your enterprise; when you make interactions easy and intuitive, the actions that you want them to take will follow.

A prime advantage you gain by giving your customers a multi-touch experience is flexibility. The benefit to you is the accurate information that prequalifies leads and offers direct business intelligence about demand. The benefit to your customers is the ease with which they will move toward the products and solutions that best satisfy their needs.
Our team of developers focuses on solutions that bring together the right ingredients for the optimum engagement and multi-touch screens have proven potential to deliver rewarding user experiences. We have the data and the knowledge of the ways these screens differ from the traditional web-based or mobile devices. We excel at engineering the information architecture of your interfaces to suit your application. Examples of the use of multi-touch include museum displays, exhibition stand kiosks, and corporate lobby signage.

When you have a development partner like pearlquest interactive, touch screens deliver the ultimate bespoke applications support the most flexible and intuitive experiences to your users. We will adapt the display content to your needs. We empower your developer to simulate input devices such as keyboards or tasks such as technical drawing by creating vivid virtual reproductions of any physical object or space that you wish to share.

Another specific positive aspect of multi-touch lies within the use of simultaneously handled input devices. As users can employ both their hands (and many fingers) or also different devices in combination with their hands at the same time, they are able to make significant improvements regarding the time a task takes to be completed.
Apart from simultaneous usage of hands or devices, you can also extract a lot of information out of a single means of input. Finger touches can be varied in pressure sensitivity and angle (on several axes) and hands can be used to express a variety of gestures by tilting, flicking and catching or forming any conceivable kind of sign.
Furthermore, multi-touch opens a whole new set of possibilities for applications since multi-touch implies not only multiple hands or devices but also multiple persons. This enables the creation of reasonable collaborative touch systems, in which several users can interact with the screen as well as with each other simultaneously.

At PearlQuest, we offer a turnkey consultancy, hardware and software development for these fantastic devices.