Our digital solutions will empower you to engage with your customers at BTL activations, events, conferences and exhibition stands.

Displays, apps and bespoke interactive technologies like Augmented/Virtual Reality, Gesture-based Interaction & Large-format Touch Screens from PearlQuest Interactive will convert foot traffic into paying customers for you.


Grow your enterprise or business unit with Web technologies, mobile apps and out-of-home media that turbocharge your marketing & sales! PearlQuest Interactive delivers seamless execution capabilities. We are the experienced development partners to take your digital application idea from concept to operation.

  • Like 2017, we made a voting application, this time using 16 tablets for the students of Thinkscience 2017. This app was one of the most vital aspects of this show. Around 10,000 students participated and voted for the top ones among 250 projects. Thus the prizes were dependent on our application. To ensure single entries, students were given a unique quote on their badge / wristband.
  • We made an interesting interactive application which made waves at the Oredoo stand in an Oman exhibition. The simple, yet effective idea was to have a green screen, like the weather forecast guys. When you sit in front of the chroma key canvas, the user saw on a screen in front as if he/she is sitting in a office in various cities like London, Paris etc. The activation idea was to promote Oredoo's (the largest telecom provider in Oman) international mobile plans.
  • An experience of this type was created probably the first time in this region. We combined Augmented Reality with Gesture recognition to give birth to a distinctive BTL activation idea. FLC Marketing, one of the best marketing agencies in Dubai, approached us to create something for a new product launched by Ariel detergents (P&G). The new detergent, releases a fragrance from your clothes when rubbed after washing. This had to be conveyed to the consumers in an innovative manner.
  • An Augmented Reality (AR) vending machine was created for Apparel Group's Stylist Awards event. The idea behind the concept was that anyone coming near the machine, hooked up with a 65
  • Virtual Reality Application Development Interactive Content Screen Presentation gesture motion sensor motion sensing touch free technology latest trend
  • We installed a surface-wave acoustic overlay on a 155
  • Building directory Digital signage interface far showing tenant information inner lobby of Burlington tower in business Bay Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Doha Qatar
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Posters were created for the Misys Conference, managed by Bluamoeba. These rollup banners would turn into dynamic videos when seen via the iPad.
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  • Digital Menu for Nutri Restaurant, Abu Dhabi
  • Comicon Samsung Game score visualization


Project development by PearlQuest encompasses all necessary research and implementation techniques to enhance the experience on the Internet, at your events, and in physical outdoor-environments.

Don’t let dated customer facing technology disrupt your value proposition! Talk to the interface experts at PearlQuest Interactive to give your customers the experience that builds a relationship and maximizes your return on investment.


PearlQuest Interactive delivers Digital Solutions for Businesses, Mobile/Web Applications, as well as technologies for Event Management, Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing companies. Your customers look to you to create a delightful experience, and with PearlQuest as your development partner, success is assured.

Your event and conference attendees expect to be thrilled just as much as your website visitors and app users. You cannot afford to fall behind because your customers will notice!

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Additionally, many businesses that operate using kiosk systems or are in need of development solutions in the sectors of real estate can benefit from VR as expressed by media company PearlQuest Interactive.
Badal Dixit, CEO, Pearl Quest
PearlQuest – Eager to enhance customer experience, PearlQuest is showcasing high-quality virtual and augmented digital interactive technologies, including interactive games, web development solutions and touch screen interfaces for kiosks. One of the firm’s applications allows users to take a picture of a real estate project and an augmented reality scale model of the project emerges, outlining dimensions of a property both inside and out, so buyers can visualise exactly what they are getting for their money.
As virtual, augmented and mixed reality innovations advance, their impact on our world continues to increase. The session will explore the ways in which sectors are adopting and benefitting from alternate realities. From healthcare and entertainment through to corporate and training applications, what are users demanding from VR, AR and XR experiences to extend their realities? This session will be moderated by Zoe Mutter, Editor, AV Magazine. Speakers: Glenn Kelly, Head of Production, The Imaginarium Studios Amelia Kallman, Futurist, Speaker and Author Badal Dixit, CEO, PearlQuest Interactive Vincent McAtamney, Founder and Technology Director, VINTEC Immersive

The technologies that you choose to display your products, services, or solutions determine the experience for your customers. When you choose the right interface design – you can build your market share, improve your revenues and profits.

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With over a decade of experience in User Interfaces, we also create great looking web & mobile apps that give your customers the confidence to choose your products and services.


Our solutions enhance the experiences for your clients. Whether you are a business, marketing firm, or a brand activation agency, we will enable you to reach your most ambitious goals using technology.

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