PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Building Directory System

Give your tenants a novel experience with PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Directory System. With this touchscreen directory, you can display the names of your tenants, the people who take charge of the building, details about the building, and building conveniences & amenities. These features make it easy for people looking for a space to rent and to tenants’ visitors who come to the place for the first time. The directory will guide persons new to the place where to find the services and amenities that they will need in the course of their stay in the building.

Custom Interface Development
The UI of the Building Directory

If you use PearlQuest’s Touch Screen Directory System, your tenants will be able to advertise themselves or businesses because the directory can be linked to personalized monitors that display the names of the tenants, their logos, and videos that give additional information. The internet connection enables it to provide more information regarding the tenants. In addition, it can display images of eating places, hotels, shopping centers, amusement parks, cinemas and theaters, and other points of interest nearby.

Customizable background and building logo upload facility, floor-wise auto sorting, search facility by name or floor number.

The occupants of your building will be pleased to have this touchscreen directory because of the latest convenience it can bring.


The list and details can be updated using a remote management CMS. The directory system can easily and automatically update the list by integration with databases existing in the area

• Tenants will receive important information through seamless links to needed services and amenities.
Tenants can easily find leasing information and amenities that are connected to multi-media presentations and specific websites. This gives them the opportunity to virtually experience such amenities so that they can decide whether to visit them or not.


Option of way-finding and maps that will guide tenants and visitors to the different areas of the building and other nearby places within the area. One thing that turns off potential tenants and visitors is the difficulty to navigate the area. The maps will ensure tenants and visitors that they will find and arrive at their destination quickly.

The system software can be expanded, which means that more information can be added to the data base. It has a feature that keeps track and takes control of all data added for the security of the tenants.

Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)

Using the latest technology to satisfy clients is a good marketing strategy. With PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Directory System, you will be able to provide incomparable service to your tenants, attract more clients, and keep them satisfied at all times.