Elevate Customer Engagement with ‘Lift and Learn’ Interactive Screens

Immerse customers in a dynamic retail experience with PearlQuest Interactive’s innovative ‘Lift and Learn’ interactive screens. Explore how we transformed Eucirin’s product pop-up shelf at Watson’s Pharmacy, Dubai Festival City, with our cutting-edge solution.

By deploying our 'Lift and Learn' interactive screens, Eucirin witnessed heightened customer engagement, increased product awareness, and enhanced brand perception. The immersive retail experience facilitated by our solution drives sales and fosters customer loyalty.

Experience the power of interactive retail solutions with PearlQuest Interactive. Elevate your brand’s presence and engage customers like never before.

  • Seamless Integration: Our ‘Lift and Learn’ system seamlessly integrates digital signage with interactive user interfaces, offering an enhanced product exploration experience.
  • Interactive UI: Elevating beyond traditional lift and learn systems, our solution incorporates interactive applications about the displayed products, providing in-depth information and engagement opportunities.
  • Cost-effective Solution: Utilizing Raspberry Pi microcomputers, we ensure a cost-effective and compact solution without compromising on functionality or performance.
  • Expansion Plans: Following the successful implementation at Watson’s Pharmacy, Dubai Festival City, and Mall of the Emirates, we’re poised to expand our solution to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the next phase.

Ready to revolutionize your retail experience? Contact PearlQuest Interactive today to explore tailored solutions for your brand. Let’s elevate engagement and drive success together.