VR Experience and Photobooth for Emirates Post

We created an immersive VR experience for two NFT stamps out of four, which enthralled the audience.

We were delighted to be a part of this prestigious event – The Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition. We created an immersive VR experience of these two NFT stamps out of the four, which enthralled the audience.

The Exhibition took place at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, Expo 2020, in Jan 2022, which marks the beginning of eight international philatelic events held around the world in 2022. Emirates Post Group (EPG) has raised the bar on postage stamp issuance by becoming the first in the region to issue non-fungible token (NFT) stamps. EPG unveiled this groundbreaking generation of stamps with four different NFT stamps to coincide with celebrating the nation’s Golden Jubilee on December 2.

Each of the four NFT stamps features a distinctive design based on the UAE national theme. The visitors could choose from one of the two stamps: ‘Golden Jubilee 2021′ captured the Spirit of the Union – 1971’, symbolizing the nation’s establishment by the founding fathers. The VR immersive experience took the guests in a desert environment showing the seven Princes of seven emirates and were asked to hoist a flag. ‘Projects of the 50th – 2071’, represented the UAE’s futuristic vision.

The VR Experience took the guests on the Mars atmosphere and an astronaut is shown waving his hand, signifying that the country has reached new heights. These innovative NFT stamps will have a digital twin in the blockchain and will be sold as digital collectibles linked to their physical stamp counterpart. In doing so, the agency aims to let NFT enthusiasts collect, exchange, and trade the NFT stamps, which promote the story and achievement of the UAE.

The introduction of tradable NFT stamps will bridge the gap between traditional symbols and the world of digital cryptocurrency.

In honor of the country’s 50th National Day, NFT enthusiasts will be able to collect, exchange and trade the stamps, promoting the story and milestones of the UAE.