Laser Harp

In today’s new norm, perception IS reality. COVID-19 is an urgent threat, and permanent behavioral changes are sure to outlive the current crisis.

The laser harp looks phenomenal in the dark.

We give a remote commander to the promoter or operator so that he/she can release the fog machine smoke at times, giving the visitors a unique surprise!
An engaging, simple, visually stunning and unique interactive electronic musical user interface with beautiful laser lighting display to produce sounds, reminiscent of a harp!
The Laser Harp is an exceptional instrument. Even if you are not a musician by heart, strumming in mid-air and the beautiful tones playing off can uplift your mood. We have combined the laser harp with a fog machine – thus with brighter lighting conditions too, the lasers are visible.

Book our laser harp for your next event and be sure to dazzle the crowds!

Perfect use cases:

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