Shopper Insight Technology: PearlQuest delivers information about your shoppers like never before, using technology!

Knowing Your Effectiveness With Shoppers Has Never Been Easier

Presenting, for the First Time in the GCC: Intellisense – Analytics for the Real World

If you thought analytics were important in the virtual world, why should they be different in the real world? You can now prove your signage effectiveness in the same way as you would inspect your website performance. You can determine the smartest way to refocus your display resources to maximize your ROI with precise shopper analytics. This information will change your company role if you are a brand manager, marketer or retail operations director!

PearlQuest can measure advanced consumer metrics like dwell time, gender and age groups for your ad campaigns.

Do you know whether your displays and signage resources are working? What if you could apply the analytical techniques that tell you so much about digital traffic to the behavior of your shoppers? Well now you can because IntelliSense is available for the first time in the GCC countries!

Will IntelliSense change the way you do business? Talk to the experts at PearlQuest today to find out.

Learn everything you need to know about your shoppers, who they are and how they respond to your signage and displays in the real world. Measure how well your in-store displays engage them and what you can improve. IntelliSense will give you detailed business intelligence about your displays; which ones might have been wasting your investments and what is driving your sales.

Actionable Intelligence From Facial Recognition

IntelliSense recognizes faces and where shoppers point, it counts impressions and how many times did a subject engage with the in-store marketing display? Not only does it provide the count, but it also tracks the viewers’ genders, age range, time of day, and day of the week, as well as how much time they spent interacting with the display. This automated audience measurement tools provides real-time audience tracking and presents it as visual analytics.

The primary purpose of collected data from audience demographics is to generate actionable information. The IntelliSense dashboard shows historical campaign performance summaries and graphs, as it collects data in real-time. You can also download the information for analysis with your preferred suite of tools. However, video never leaves the device, and the system is anonymous, it only stores the recorded analytics; it does not record or share any personal data.

Pearlquest is a dynamic and innovative company based in dubai; we deliver unique interactive experiences using digital technologies for out-of-home (ooh), the web and mobile media. We are the perfect partners to implement intellisense software for businesses in all gcc countries.

Do not let this compelling opportunity get away from you.