Leverage Gestures And Face Tracking solutions to turn audiences into customers!

Everything’s better when it’s interactive!

That certainly applies to any activity that involves a public audience or presenting to a room full of potential customers. Two of the most exciting ways to interact with your audience are through the interpretation of their gestures and facial expressions. Combining these remarkable abilities will create excitement for your customers and generate business intelligence for your marketing team.

Gesture Responses Engage And Entertain.

Interactive displays that track gestures and faces provide enhanced experiences for the public, presenters, and audiences. They also capture valuable information about interactions to improve your service and refine your marketing strategies.
Gesture control is clean; it leaves no smudges or fingerprints on screens. Also, many in the audience will not want to touch public surfaces during cold and flu season, if ever. Face recognition gathers data by interpreting visual input to find faces and reading the features. The software collects demographic data about gender, age, and reactions without violating the privacy of individuals.


Gesture And Face Tracking Expertise From Pearlquest

“Do you think integrating Gestures And Face Tracking into your displays will help your business? You are right! However, you need an integration partner who can make the best use of the technology to excite and inspire your customers, to build your brand, and to exploit the insights that you collect. PearlQuest provides the hardware and software solutions that utilize Gestures And Face Tracking to deliver direct engagement with passing traffic, event attendees, and audience.

Combining Gestures And Face Tracking will make your displays the center of attention!

Entice audience to interact physically with your system in a way that makes them more actively involved, which will drive stronger associations and longer lasting memories. Gesture and Face Tracking systems do not track individuals, the information they collect is general and statistical; face tracking recognizes general features such as expression but does not identify individuals or record visits.

Gesture Responses Engage And Entertain. Call The Specialists At Pearlquest Today To Find Out.