NFC is a p2p technology that enables you to share by tapping two enabled devices together or by being nearby.

Nfc Brings Your Attendees Closer Together

NFC is a p2p technology that enables you to share by tapping two enabled devices together or by being nearby. Share images and agendas as attendees pass through the gateways. Touch two NFC devices together or bring them into proximity to form a connection that transfers data. NFC helps you manage your event, makes it more social, and more successful.

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a wireless connection technology that links compatible devices such as the latest smartphones and tablets, as well as event items like wristbands and badges. You can capture data about attendees and share information about the event to make it a more productive experience for all.

Get creative and impress your guests by adding NFC technology to your event!

Nearfield Technology Benefits Attendees

Registration and check-in are a breeze when you have NFC-enabled badges or wristbands; you can track them and push out the latest news and activity schedules. Use it to help attendees to connect with each other by NFC, through your network.

Bring an end to queuing and waiting at your next event with NFC.

Events become seamless as, once attendees have their badges or wristbands, they have easy access, tracking for drinks and food, and content coordination based on their participation. Do away with the awkwardness of payment and coordinate your social media offerings by the location and behavior of your guests.

Near Field Communication brings out the data in conference management!

Event Planning With Nfc Guest Management

You will be able to match offerings to each attendee and change the content as you learn more about each customer’s individual needs. Track guest movements and collect data that indicates interest to improve your offerings and service. Improve your security and discretely provide VIP section access.

Knowledge puts you in control, information enables you to extend your resources and amaze your visitors. The data that you collect by NFC devices is one of the new tools to find the deeply embedded patterns of behavior. You will know each delegate as never before and visualize the opportunities in the big picture.

Near Field Communications technology delivers outstanding guest management capabilities!

The ultimate benefits to your attendees are the seamless and exciting experiences, and they take away; they will eagerly anticipate your next event. The benefit to you the insights that help you offer products and services that your guests actually want.

NFC empowers you to deliver more relevant offerings to customers who are motivated to purchase them. It gives you a new dimension to your data collection and sharing. It will make your next event successful beyond expectations, by delivering marketing intelligence to you and experiences that thrill your guests.

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