Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center, Dubai

We installed an Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai. The interaction effect was customized as a combination of two effects. The water effect – ripples forming as people move over the projection and floating Pullman symbols that also react to footsteps.

The installation was quite complicated, as there were no ways to drill or install trusses at site. A temporary small truss was held with counterweights to make sure the projection remains steady.

We installed an Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai.
Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai.

Do you want a similar installation for your event? PearlQuest can provide Multi-touch screens with interfaces developed as per your theme, Interactive Walls, Interactive Floors and any ideas brought to life.

World’s first commercially available 4K resolution movie

TimeScapes is the debut film from award-winning cinematographer and director Tom Lowe. The film features stunning slow-motion and timelapse cinematography of the landscapes, people, and wildlife of the American South West. Lowe spent 2 years roaming the Southwest in his Toyota pickup truck shooting the film.

TimeScapes was shot, edited and color-graded at 4K resolution (4096 x 2304 pixels).

[Visit the TimeScapes site]

For those who don’t know what 4K is:

4K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. Several 4K resolutions exist in the fields of digital television and digital cinematography. In the movie projection industry, Digital Cinema Initiatives is the dominant 4K standard.

The television industry has adopted ultra high definition television as its 4K standard. As of 2013, some UHDTV models are available to general consumers for under $1000. However, due to lack of available content, 4K television has yet to achieve mass market appeal. Using horizontal resolution to characterize the technology marks a switch from the previous generation, high definition television, which categorized media according to vertical resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.). The top-end HDTV format, 1080p, qualifies as 2K resolution, having a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels, with a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels.

[Wikipedia Entry]

Kingyoo 60″ LED-backlit Plasma Installation

Just installed a really cool 120″ screen (which works with the software mentioned in this post). I thought its substantive to write a post about the new technology of ‘LED-backlit Plasma Screens’. Developed by LG, manufactured by Kingyoo – both Korean partners, these displays provide excellent contrast ratio, lower seam gaps and yet, much lesser power consumption than traditional plasmas.

We commissioned this project at one of the top universities in Abu Dhabi and the client was really happy with the display. The display is made up using a 2×2 configuration, which results in a 120″ diagonal width and seam gaps as low as 2.5mm.

This product is available in the Middle East by Multitech AV. They can carry out supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the video walls.

43 companies that provide AV & Digital Signage Integration services in UAE / MENA

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Some of the known (& unknown) Audio-Visual integrators from UAE. This is just a partial list, there may be many more who shall be added to this list.
Some of the known (& unknown) AV integrators from UAE. This is just a partial list, there may be many more who shall be added to this list.
  1. Almoe Group
  2. Alpha Data
  3. Al Reyami Technologies
  4. AVI SPL
  5. AV Concepts
  6. Bond Communications
  7. Crownstar Technology
  8. Digivalet
  9. Dubai Audio
  10. Dynapixels
  11. FVC
  12. Granteq
  13. Intertech
  14. Instore Masters
  15. Metro Plus Ads
  16. MxN Mena
  17. Native Systems
  18. New Age Technologies
  19. NGS Interactive Systems
  20. Oasis Enterprises
  21. Omnix International
  22. Omnix Media Networks
  23. Pixcom Technologies
  24. Pragmatic Solutions Technology
  25. Qvestmedia
  26. Technomight
  27. Transwall Technologies
  28. Tornado Technology Services
  29. Visionaire
  30. Zio Technologies

Did I miss any? Please comment on this post for any integrators you know!