Immersive Gaming Ideation

Real estate sales and architecture have many variations on how VR can help the customer understand the vision and space, without expending the cost of constructing physical models or causing inconvenience to occupants. You can use VR to make compelling presentations and demonstrations; you can lead your clients into the heart of the environment or process. The power of 360-degree 3D VR is that the audience experiences the scene as a reality, which can do much to overcome hesitation when they make large purchases such as bespoke architecture or interior designs. You will have the ability to make sales using VR with one-tenth the cost of the real world models of the past. You will be able to communicate your plans to broader audiences. When you generate this much anticipation, you will increase the demand for your products and expand your markets. You will move beyond those customers that understand abstract concepts intuitively, to those who need more information. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Qatar, KSA, UAE

  • Players are transported into an awesome 3D environment
  • Objects come flying towards them
  • They have to either catch, slash, hit or collect the objects to gain points
  • The player can get a score to win prizes

HTC Vive for Rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAEVarious Environments!

Any type of 3D Objects!

Super Fast Development!