Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center, Dubai

We installed an Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai. The interaction effect was customized as a combination of two effects. The water effect – ripples forming as people move over the projection and floating Pullman symbols that also react to footsteps.

The installation was quite complicated, as there were no ways to drill or install trusses at site. A temporary small truss was held with counterweights to make sure the projection remains steady.

We installed an Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai.
Interactive Floor system at Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center in Dubai.

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A giant Leap: Gesture control for your home PC

Minority report comes to your own desktop, and just for $75! Leap is a giant leap into the future, just a few days away though.

The leap website defines it as, “A revolutionary piece of hardware no larger than your iPod that’s two hundred times more accurate than any product currently on the market. We believe that with The Leap, tomorrow we will no longer be tethered to hardware. With The Leap, imaginations will run wild, and possibilities will be endless. Cheesy marketing speak, you say? Perhaps. But at Leap Motion, we believe strongly and passionately that software can change the world. We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to make powerful software using powerful technology. We believe in possibility. And we cannot wait to see what the future will bring to the world of natural user interface and gesture control.”

Leap Motion Gesture control

Who is The Leap ideal for?
Everyone! We envision a day in the near future when our motion control technology will be used in most consumer products – not just computers, but cars, appliances, medical devices, light switches and more. There are already many great uses for a variety of people.

  • Artists and creative types can use The Leap to emulate a stylus or easily create 3D images.
  • Anyone can use The Leap to interact with Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X by clicking, grabbing, scrolling and using familiar gestures like pinch to zoom in 3D space.
  • Users pointing a pen at the signature line of a document to sign it in space.
  • Engineers can interact more easily with 3D modeling software.
  • Gamers can play more easily and many will modify with Leap in mind.
  • Surgeons can control 3D medical data with their hands without taking off their gloves.