A superb interface for a 120″ video-wall, to read sensor outputs.

Sensor Output reader software for a university in Abu Dhabi

The Sensor Output reader software

A software interface specially developed for a well-known university in Abu Dhabi, to be displayed on the video wall which was integrated at the same location. The Software reads data from three different kinds of sensors – biometric, location and environmental. The resolution has been set to match the video wall screen size, four widgets are showing the information from sensors and reading live data.

The requirement was roughly told  us that have they needed a software or more of an interface that could actually show that outputs of sensors. This lab is a SMART technology lab, where they have many sensors along with  some proprietary software programs that gather the output data.

The challenge was to query the databases of the three sensors since each had their own unique db, and of a different kind. The interface was designed here in Abu Dhabi, and the four widgets that you see on the screen are actually pulling live data from the sensors. My partner company in India helped us with the backend development, using the node.js framework to program these widgets you see in the pictures.

Sensor Output reader software for a university in Abu Dhabi

Sensor Output reader software view from the side

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