Alcohol Stock Exchange, an iPad app that fluctuates price of alcohol!

“If I knew that I was going to this thirsty today I would’ve drunk even more last night”.  This quote may be applicable to the thirsty, but not those who are hungry for technology.

Alcohol Stock Exchange, an iPad app that fluctuates price of alcohol!

Aurus IT Solutions from India have developed something quite exciting for the denizens of pubs – Alcohol Stock Exchange. A fun app making waves in Mumbai, where lounge bar owners can transform their traditional transaction system into something never thought before.

As we all know some brands of alcohol have more demand than others. Alcohol Stock Exchange thus allows the concept of ‘dynamic pricing’. Prices increase as more customers order the same drink and decrease as the orders reduce. This creates a stock exchange environment with prices are calculated as per demand and supply!

Just like the real stock market, the Alcohol Stock exchange is designed to pull tetotallers, loyalists and people who just want to have fun into bars and lounges. Unlike every other bar and lounge which provides music and drink, this app goes a step further – each customer is guaranteed a unique experience. This brings in more revenue by bringing in customers at odd hours, allows increase in sales of alcohol of the bar owner’s choice, increases the pub’s brand value and brings in many more benefits.

Complete installation and deployment is available for the Gulf by Confluence, UAE. Custom iPad application development is also undertaken.

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