Digital Menu Boards – The Logical Next Step in the Evolution of the Restaurant Biz

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Just like digital signage has made its impact in the retail industry, it has crept into the QSR (Quick-Service Restaurants) and fast food industry and transformed it. By implementing digital menu boards, or screens that display a menu relative to the demographic, time of day, and location, restaurants have seen their sales along with customer satisfaction soar to new highs. Digital menu boards are only the natural course of evolution for this industry, and they are here to stay.

From static content on a menu card to dynamic content that can reduce the perceived wait time of a customer, digital menu boards can make your restaurant burst at the seams with people who finally know exactly what they are getting from your restaurant at any given time of the day.

The Benefits of Installing Digital Menu Boards

The beauty of digital menu boards is that the content can be updated instantly, from one single centre, across multiple franchises. Updates to menus are quicker, menu reprinting costs are saved, and overall, the investment in the technology repays itself quickly. Beyond this major benefit, here’s what you get by investing in digital menu boards.

Only Display What You Are Serving
When hungry customers come to your restaurant, they don’t have to go through worn out menus that sometimes showcase items that you may not be currently serving. They don’t have to be disappointed when you tell them that the new thing they want to try from your menu is not currently available. They can just look at the menu that is currently available and choose from that, without raising their hopes to have a molten chocolate cake when they haven’t seen it.

Alter Your Menu by Time of Day, Season and Demographic
Display only breakfast options in the morning, lunch options during the day, and dinner options in the evening. If you find a lot of students coming in at a particular time of the day, change the appearance and content of the menu to appeal to them, or to tired post-stressful-work-day employees. If it is very hot outside, promote cool, refreshing drinks on your menu, and on colder days, give customers a reason to buy from you by showcasing your collection of warm beverages and delicious donuts or sandwiches to accompany them.

Display the Nutritional Value of the Food You are Serving
With the health laws changing regularly and slowly making it necessary to reveal the nutritional value of the food being served at restaurants, digital menu boards can help by easily displaying the nutrition facts of every specific food item in a creative way. This will ensure your customers are aware and will make them come back because they will know exactly what they will be getting from the food at your restaurant.

Give Your Specials Special Attention
No more posters all over your restaurant, where they may or may not catch your customer’s attention. No more additional printing costs for posters that will see the light of day only for a short period and then be relegated to an overcrowded store room. Your digital menu board can highlight the specials of the hour, the day, the week and the month. Moreover, it can promote the sale of high-margin items just by a simple change in the content of the menu.

Don’t Keep Them Waiting – Or Make Them Think That They Are
Experts reveal that exposure to digital media, something that most of us are completely used to now, attracts customer attention and makes them believe that they are spending lesser time waiting in line because of the dynamic content on the screen. It provides the illusion of time moving faster so they are less likely to get irritated if there is a long wait. Also, because customers are used to continuously viewing information on screens now, they absorb the content of the menu or any other announcements better.

Use the Digital Display for More than Just Displaying the Menu
What is a digital menu board by day can become a screen for internal training with employees across all restaurant franchises. Again, updating content and implementing training programs via such screens is much quicker than preparing elaborate training manuals.

Revamp your Restaurant without Really Revamping It
With the vibrancy of the digital screen that is continuously displaying information via text, music, videos, etc. your restaurant gets a new burst of energy and a whole new look. So without really investing in renovation, you can pump up the look of your restaurant by investing in digital technology instead.

If you are a QSR or fast food restaurant based anywhere in the UAE, partner with PearlQuest to incorporate digital menu boards in your restaurant. From smooth content management systems to installation of screens at the most appropriate locations within your restaurant, PearlQuest will take care of all of it. All you have to do is sit back and watch the magic slowly unfold. Just a simple call to us followed by a meeting over a cup of coffee can enable the installation of a revolutionary piece of technology in your restaurant.

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