Measuring Shopper Engagement in Retail Locations

Every quarter or sometimes sooner, retail stores implement new methods of marketing to drive sales to their business. Displays are changed, massive marketing campaigns are launched, social media is integrated into this marketing campaign, seasonal sales are implemented, and overall, colossal efforts are taken in this direction. But how effective are these changes put together? For instance,

  • How do you know how much impact a change in display of a retail store is having on passersby?
  • Are they stopping to pay attention to this change?
  • What is their age and gender?
  • Do they like what they see?
  • How long do they engage with the display – window or digital?
  • Does it encourage them to buy something from the store?

If retail stores could get this data, it could revolutionize the way marketing departments of different businesses function. It could provide insights into the thought process and purchasing habits of retail customers like never before, and could help tailor marketing campaigns to these requirements.

How can you, as a retail store in one of the biggest retail hubs in the world – Dubai – obtain and utilize this precious data?

IntelliSense Shopper Insight Technology by Cenique Infotainment

PearlQuest, based in Dubai, UAE offers the exclusive IntelliSense Shopper Insight Technology by Cenique Infotainment to retail store owners so that they can gather minute data that will enable the steady evolution of their marketing efforts. IntelliSense offers a simple means of measuring shopper engagement in retail locations. This brings strike-point analytics to marketing professionals at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions, fully automated and in real-time.

IntelliSense can count impressions that tell you how many times someone engaged with the in-store marketing display. It also provides information about the viewer’s gender, facial expressions (smiling, blink rate, etc.), age group, dwell time (amount of time someone engaged with the display), the time of the day, and the day of the week.

How IntelliSense Works

IntelliSense utilizes one of the world’s smallest analytics engines to capture anonymous viewer data. It detects human faces that are only looking towards it and captures all the aforementioned data. It does not capture data of those walking by the store.

It then converts this information into analysable data charts that can be used to gather immensely valuable information for any retail business.

Because it is small it can be used easily. It consumes less power and captures all data anonymously. No videos are recorded. Only the necessary information is captured. This technology can be used, managed and updated from anywhere. It is not restricted to a single location.

The Implications of Using IntelliSense

IntelliSense can provide you with data you never had access to before. If used with digital signage, it can enable the change of on-screen content instantly to target the very user that is standing before the screen. It can allow you to create direct marketing campaigns to an audience that still hasn’t registered what it wants, but when it does, it readily buys the product. It can help you create products that will generate greater revenue based on the response to a similar previous product.

IntelliSense observes consumer behaviour in real-time situations rather than in simulated ones, or by simply conducting surveys that may or may not render genuine results. It tells you how customers behave around your product and may be far more accurate than most other efforts at gathering similar data.

For a retail store based in a city like Dubai, IntelliSense can help revolutionize sales strategies and have sales figures going through the roof. Involve PearlQuest in your journey by allowing us to implement this business-altering technology. Let’s meet up and discuss how IntelliSense can particularly benefit your business.

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