PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Building Directory System

Give your tenants a novel experience with PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Directory System. With this touchscreen directory, you can display the names of your tenants, the people who take charge of the building, details about the building, and building conveniences & amenities. These features make it easy for people looking for a space to rent and to tenants’ visitors who come to the place for the first time. The directory will guide persons new to the place where to find the services and amenities that they will need in the course of their stay in the building.

Custom Interface Development
The UI of the Building Directory

If you use PearlQuest’s Touch Screen Directory System, your tenants will be able to advertise themselves or businesses because the directory can be linked to personalized monitors that display the names of the tenants, their logos, and videos that give additional information. The internet connection enables it to provide more information regarding the tenants. In addition, it can display images of eating places, hotels, shopping centers, amusement parks, cinemas and theaters, and other points of interest nearby.

Customizable background and building logo upload facility, floor-wise auto sorting, search facility by name or floor number.

The occupants of your building will be pleased to have this touchscreen directory because of the latest convenience it can bring.


The list and details can be updated using a remote management CMS. The directory system can easily and automatically update the list by integration with databases existing in the area

• Tenants will receive important information through seamless links to needed services and amenities.
Tenants can easily find leasing information and amenities that are connected to multi-media presentations and specific websites. This gives them the opportunity to virtually experience such amenities so that they can decide whether to visit them or not.


Option of way-finding and maps that will guide tenants and visitors to the different areas of the building and other nearby places within the area. One thing that turns off potential tenants and visitors is the difficulty to navigate the area. The maps will ensure tenants and visitors that they will find and arrive at their destination quickly.

The system software can be expanded, which means that more information can be added to the data base. It has a feature that keeps track and takes control of all data added for the security of the tenants.

Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)
Full-function Building directory CMS (web-based)

Using the latest technology to satisfy clients is a good marketing strategy. With PearlQuest’s Touchscreen Directory System, you will be able to provide incomparable service to your tenants, attract more clients, and keep them satisfied at all times.

TV Ads are Passé, Go the Digital Signage Way

There was a time when advertisements on TV were watched with all the attention because nothing could be done to make them go away. There used to be limited channels, and while switching channels did become an option, the ads couldn’t be ignored completely. Now, things are different. With the option to record ads on Digital Video Recorders or high-definition set top boxes offered by different cable providers, ads are merely forwarded. Though television advertising still largely impacts consumer behaviour, it is quickly being taken over by other communication media. So while your anti-aging cream could target a few women, the real impact comes from having a reach wider than television.


What do you think can be wider than having the ad go right into the home of the consumer? Perhaps an option that cannot be fast forwarded in a place where they will have to watch it?

The answer is digital signage. Displayed in public places such as crowded streets, elevators, airports, or simply receptions of big hotels, digital signage uses multimedia content that is displayed on LCD or computer screens. Digital signage is the equivalent of the television ad, except that it reaches out to people on their way to somewhere, and can be updated quicker by means of a good network connection.

TV Ads are Passé, Go the Digital Signage Way

While digital signage is often seen as an alternative to paper signage, it can easily replace the old-school television ad as any type of content can be displayed on it. What makes it better then is the creativity invested in coming up with content that will actually have an impact on a passer-by. The dynamism of the content in place of static content will definitely attract attention, but it ought to be enough to make the consumer stop and read/listen to what is being displayed on the screen.


Digital signage is intended to communicate with users, but the challenge lies in the fact that we are all surrounded by a multitude of screens everywhere we go. It becomes easy for us to block out information that is not relevant to our needs. So to attract attention, location and content are the most important factors. Consider that your audience will be unique each time, because the reach is so much wider now. It will be made up of a varied demographic, so the quality of content has to be extraordinarily high.

TV Ads are Passé, Go the Digital Signage Way

Demographics can be targeted by venue, and that is important research that should be taken care of when investing in digital signage content. Putting up screens, say at a business hotel will target an entirely different demographic than that you see in a mall, which is so unique and so varied. The technology that makes up digital signage is only second to the type and quality of content that you choose to showcase through it.

Digital signage can be used where a product or service is being sold, to explain more about the product. It can be used as a billboard to attract consumers on the go, by providing them brief information about a brand or to improve brand value. And it can be used in areas where people are merely waiting for something or to reach somwhere; for instance, in a taxi, a lobby, or an elevator. During this period, the consumer will be able to view and absorb more information and longer messages.

TV Ads are Passé, Go the Digital Signage Way

For a business to wholly benefit from digital signage, it is important to implement the entire package—hardware, software, analytics, and content—from one source that is aware of how to operate the technology that makes it effective. In the UAE, PearlQuest can offer you this complete service. We provide the hardware, the software, and the content that makes your investment in digital signage worth every penny. We conduct in-depth research and create strategy that will result in compelling content for your audience. One call to us can make your decision to implement digital signage worthwhile.