The life and times of LED screens in UAE

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There is one thing LED’s hate:  heat. Gulf climate is lethal for LED screens, and thus it becomes indispensable for an investor to make sure that the LED display, on which a lot of money will be spent, is reliable and long lasting.

There are 2 ways in which mediocre LED technologies can throw cold water on your project, especially in the Middle East:

1. Screens going dimmer each day

Screen on Abu Dhabi's Marks & Spencer at Airport Road

Screen on Abu Dhabi's Marks & Spencer at Airport Road has gone quite dim for the daylight usage

As years go by, the age of diodes reflects in their brightness. Luminosity decreases with age as far as LEDs are concerned.  If Japanese diodes are used, the screens can relatively sustain their brightness for longer. As UAE’s heat and intense humidity overpower all industrial capabilities of these electronic wonders, what is important to choose is which make is your screen’s diodes – Japanese or Chinese?

Another example of screens getting dimmer in Abu Dhabi:

Screen has gone dimmer at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi
Screen has gone dimmer at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

There is no way out – dimming with age, that’s why no LED screen can guarantee more than 5-6 years. The good ones like D3 LED can surely run for many more years.

2. Parts of the screens going phut

You will invariably see LED billboards with portions of it showing distortion, pixelation, macroblocking and other phenomena. These generally result as a nightmare for the owner of these screens and a major disappointment for the advertisers.

Error in parts of the screen

Error in parts of the screen seen at the same screen in Abu Dhabi



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