Utilising Screens for Better Customer Engagement

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What does it take to make a potential customer merely interested in buying your product or availing your service, to someone who is engaged in viewing exactly what you have to offer to him?

Have you noticed how people are looking into screens, all the time? Their cell phone screens, their iPad screens, their computer screens, and their TV screens. These screens seem to engage them like nothing else. Why not take advantage of this obsession with all sorts of screens? Why not use screens at all different levels to enhance customer engagement with your product or service? Believe us when we say that this is sure to benefit you in many more ways than one, which we will discuss after we tell you how you can use screens to obtain those benefits.

So, how does this work? What kind of screens can you use?

  1. Interactive displays for retail stores, banks, and learning centres
  2. Regular TV screens to display valuable, customer-centric marketing content
  3. Video walls for retail stores
  4. Interactive table-top touch screens for stores, restaurants, etc.
  5. Tablets to display digital menus and other exciting offers at restaurants

These are only a few examples of how screens can be used to drive customers to interact more with your company. The actual usage largely depends on your marketing strategy. Let’s just say that getting a screen to interact with your customer for any purpose is possible. The options are boundless and are limited only by your imagination. Obtaining QR codes to transmit data, signing forms digitally, completing short surveys, downloading coupon codes that offer huge discounts, extracting information, providing information—all of this and much more can be done via any kind of screen.

Utilising Screens for Better Customer Engagement Dubai

Customers are bombarded with a lot of information these days, and they can efficiently multitask between screens: have you noticed your friend browsing his phone while watching TV, yet he is able to remember what that episode of The Big Bang Theory was about? It’s because we have wired ourselves to absorb so much information, and make the most of every marketing gimmick that is thrown our way to save those few bucks. But beware, we’re also wired to screen out a lot of unnecessary information, so what you display on those screens should be powerful enough to grab, not merely get, your customer’s attention.

A screen that is at level with the human eye can effortlessly be transformed into a touchscreen by putting software in place, which PearlQuest can do efficiently and easily, thereby creating somewhat of an interactive kiosk. Not only do we do that, we can create the most apt content management system that is in keeping with your requirements (clientele, screen location, etc.), so that you can display and update the content as and when required.

Utilising Screens for Better Customer Engagement Dubai

Utilising screens for customer engagement makes your advertising and marketing strategy much more powerful, enables you to display only the most relevant content for your customer, and allows you to interact with him so as to understand his requirements and cater to them more effectively. When the marketing content, method of delivery, and the location of the medium of delivery are combined, they create a dynamic and compelling customer engagement strategy.

All you need to make any kind of screen work for you is the right kind of power supply, the necessary content, and a good internet connection to download and upload data. Put together, these elements will ensure that your interactive systems are in place to attract the right customer.

Allow PearlQuest to step in and introduce this very innovative marketing strategy for your business. A single meeting with us will tell you the scale at which this technology can be implemented for your business, and how you can reap its benefits in more ways than one.

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