World’s largest LED screen to be installed in Dubai

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The project

It will be called the ‘Podium’, but a podium which is visible from a whopping mile away! It will be the world’s first LED screen of that size using LED technology. The project was publicly announced back in 2008, although there hasn’t been much news after that.




Spanning 33 floors out of a total 35 in this beautifully designed tower in Majan, Dubailand, boasts of being an architectural wonder. We are used to the ‘largest’ concept in edifices of UAE, although it was surprising that Dubai didn’t have screens larger than Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and Tokyo.

Tameer’s literature says,

An unprecedented application of innovative architecture.
Visible at a distance of 1.5 kilometers, the magnificent screen on the façade of Podium is designed by the L.E.D. technology experts who worked on the Argosy Casino in Illinois and the Grand Lisboa & surrounding skyline in China. This curved façade will be a powerful medium for advertising, messaging and art. Highly-reflective tinted glass will be utilized to achieve astounding visual quality, as the massive screen gives off an elegant bluish sapphire glow. Aluminum panels, mullions and canopies will frame the glass components in buffed natural aluminum.

Media agencies, brands and digital signage fraternity will naturally wonder – where is the project headed? Will the screen survive the scorching heat of the Dubailand desert? What are the chances it will reach the target ROI?

Nevertheless the project is an ambitious and once commissioned, it will add another jewel to the Dubai skyline. Best of luck Tameer.

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  • Muhammed Boukaboura

    We are interested in this project and want to take it. We can provide technical support, material and equipment required.For further inquiries please contact 00971 4 3799269

  • Interior Designer

    LED Screen enables people to view attractive light effects..

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