3 ways to utilize Interactive Media for Business

Media is essentially the collective means of communication and information disbursement that we use for a variety of purposes. The types of media that we are most familiar with are things like television, radio, the internet and print. These can be effective tools for getting a message to a particular audience or obtaining the information that we may need about a give topic.

3 ways to utilize Interactive Media for Business5

When we talk about interactive media, we mean a type of media that can engage the consumer with a back and forth. Rather than a one-way flow of information like a television program or a radio broadcast, interactive media responds to input from the individual that is using it. This could include everything from a website to a videogame or an interactive kiosk at a shopping center. These forms of media can be particularly advantageous to a business because it not only sends the message that the business is trying to share, but it also engages the consumer and provides them with the information that is most relevant to their needs.

3 ways to utilize Interactive Media for Business5

1. Websites

A website is a very common piece of interactive media and in many ways, a website can actually be described as interactive multimedia. This is because a website can include different types of media into the user experience and allow them to interact with all of them. By navigating a website and selecting different options for the content that interests them, the consumer is interacting with the media on the website. This can obviously be a very powerful tool when it comes to providing information to the consumer in a way that is engaging and convenient.

3 ways to utilize Interactive Media for Business5

2. Apps for tablets and smartphones

A business that chooses to build a consumer app is also taking advantage of another form of interactive media. An app can be a very effective marketing tool because most consumers take their mobile devices everywhere they go. With your app installed on their mobile device, the consumer is in effect, taking a connection to your business along with them for the experience of their everyday life. These apps can include information about products and services, information about the latest sales and specials and it can even include special features that will motivate the consumer to visit your location.

3 ways to utilize Interactive Media for Business5

3. The interactive kiosk

An interactive kiosk can offer a business a lot of great benefits. It can work as a directory to help consumers search for and learn about products, it can be used as a digital wayfinding device, it can be employed as a part of a customer outreach campaign and most of all, it can be used to personalize the consumer experience. One of the great things about the interactive kiosk is that it can be used to tie all of your media efforts together. The business can build apps that will interact with the kiosk and they can hold promotions on social media or at the website that bring the consumer back around to the kiosk.

Having a complete media presence is essential in the world of marketing and in today’s marketing world that means the use of interactive media. While the traditional forms of media are important, the interactive media offers so much more in regard to consumer engagement and the ability to deliver a dynamic and up to date message.

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