Digital Signage: An Important Link in a Vast Marketing Process

In our past posts, we have consistently highlighted how digital signage plays a vital role in the entire marketing process. However, it is not the only thing that is vital. A successful marketing strategy is an intelligent combination of the different media that can be used to engage potential customers. This media includes other digital media such as mobile marketing and social media marketing.

With people on the go at all times, it is important to develop a marketing strategy that combines various media into one to get customer attention. If a digital sign communicates a message, it should ideally have an association with your social media marketing message. This is definitely likely to make your message more memorable and effective.

How Digital Signage Fits into the Marketing Chain

Digital signage is an effective tool that allows your customers to interact with you, and allows you to track this information so that you may continually enhance your strategy. Digital signage analytics can give you measurable information about the general demographic of the group that interacts with you. It can also analyse their behaviour. While this may not always be one-hundred per cent accurate, it is fairly informative and can at least provide direction as to how to improve the marketing process.

The effectiveness of digital signage also lies in the fact that people now like to see more than read. They are more interested in attractive visual displays of products. The more attractive it is, the more someone will interact with the sign, and the more engaging it is, the easier it will be to convert this mere user into a customer.

While mobile marketing is also equally effective, measuring analytics poses a bit of a challenge as the mobile audience is continuously on the move. Also, with the different measures that can be taken to protect individual privacy and restrict the information they see, one can only go so far as to collect anonymous data that may or may not be helpful when improvising on the marketing vision and goals.

What’s more, the integration of social media with digital signage is still in its nascent stage. Less than 5% businesses have been able to successfully integrate this medium into their marketing strategy, which means there is a lot of scope in this area.

So how do you Integrate Digital Signage into Your Marketing Strategy?

To create a seamless experience between all your marketing media, a clear vision of the ultimate goal is imperative. This will ease the process of integration and is likely to generate the results you are looking for. For instance, do you want to merely make a viewer aware of your business, or do you want to convert them into a customer as soon as they see your digital signage display? Do you want to create some kind of interaction and offer something special just for interacting with your display, or are you content with merely directing them toward your business and taking it from there?

By implementing a marketing strategy that develops as your customer engages with the digital signage display, and by updating the content regularly, you could have yourself a winner.

Your vision of your goal is what will guide your entire marketing strategy. Remember, digital signage on its own can only go so far. With a predefined, well-thought-out plan, it can take your business places. Also remember not to keep this as the centre of your marketing plan. As mentioned earlier, the integration of different types of media is still in a nascent stage, so it is best to spread the plan evenly across different media.

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