How To Prepare for an Interactive Touchscreen Success

You realize, up to four times as many consumers would prefer watching a video rather than read about the product. This is possible on a condition that the visual content is aired in an interactive manner. However, most of the business organizations have knowledge regarding interactive experiences; this has compelled companies to make decisions about new technology based on their effect to the bottom line.

 How To Boost Sales Using Interactive Touch screens

This is much possible. Interactive technology has been proved to increase sales from 50% to 250%. It is necessary to devise a strategy on how to bring into actions touch screens for your business. You therefore need to play your part because this technology will help to drive in revenue. The following are questions that you need to have in your mind before you come up with an interactive touchscreen success.

What are the Goals and Objectives?

Before commencing any business campaign, one needs to have goals and objectives. In this case you should consider the benefits to be reaped out of the interactive technology. If you are looking towards educating your clients, increased engagement, or simplified sales point, the interactive technology should be able to take care of a number of goals. Outlining your goals in a clearer manner and sticking loyal to your original ideas is the most important fact if you really want to drive bottom line effective results.

Where should you Display the Touchscreen?

Interactive displays are availed in varied sizes and functionality. So where and how you’re going to use your display has a relative impact to your success. For example, huge interactive touchscreens can occupy a whole wall within a store space. Deployment can also enable you effect interactions on many brands such as product demonstration which require enough space for that matter. On the other hand, touchscreen kiosks and smaller interactive displays do not require large space and this can result to a direct lift on sales. Therefore, whenever you realize you have sufficient space that will improve on customer interaction by making sure there is power and internet, you will be able to identify a place where you can deploy your touch screen display.

What type of Audience Target?

Similar to the way size and goals have impacts on placement; your audience also influences functionality. It is important to user the experience of the potential user. If you are considering coming up with an intimate immersive experience, then you need to look at the following.

70 inches and above – Extra large screens can easily immerse a big number of user sessions in a larger- than- life experience.

65 to 70 inches – Huge screens can display a lot of information at once, although they are also capable of facilitating group and individual user interactions.

52 to 55 inches – This is the most appealing spot interactions. Medium screens can provide experience on attention grabbing, though not sufficient enough to offer an intimate experience.

32 inches and Smaller sizes – Small screens are the best especially on specific functions such as sharing details or specifications of a product that is not physically present.

Interactive experiences have increased sales of product from different businesses and organizations. The technology is much relevant to the current daily life and so it has been embraced by most of the people. Therefore, having built goals and customer experience one is set to go.

User Education

While it’s important to understand the objectives, it’s highly necessary to facilitate the provision of an impressive and immersive experience to determine how to best craft necessary content to achieve the desired outcome of the customers on the other end of the spectrum. You’ll go out of your way to figure out how to thrill and engage the audience-understanding whether user education is primal.

As per Wired, the millennial generation has actually prompted technology makes to “provide the most usable, self-guided, hiccup-free, efficient user experiences in history”. Besides the fact that millennials can make the piece of technology work, their expectations for intuitive user experiences are at its peak. For that reason, the touchscreens should facilitate user experience and education. With that, the learning curve will be low, it’s critical to put into consideration the diversity of the user experience.

Relationship between Your Brand and Customers

Considering the relationship between the brand and customers is highly important and can hugely help influence reactions and therefore maximize the delivery of results. In fact, the interactive touchscreens improve brand connections, creating memorable direct interactions, although the end results will be variable.

Are you on the lookout to Increase in-store Traffic?

If you’re on the lookout for fostering brand awareness and introduce an entirely new product to customers, identifying the type of conversion you expect from the customers helps drive success.

Building Customer Experience

After having considered the expectations and goals of the touchscreens, incorporating the logistics also does count a great deal. In addition to coming up with ideas, experiential marketing techniques are certainly necessary when it comes to success. If you lack an in-house team devoted to development, you should reach out to a partner harboring your vision and is able to deliver results. A solid agency partner is the best bet to make the installation and development seamless and painless in the creation of interactive touchscreens.


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