Installation of 55″ Multi-touch screen at Pingoo’s English, Seef Mall, Bahrain

Felt the heat of the Manama city and warmth of the Bahraini people, as PearlQuest successfully commissioned a 55″ multi-touch screen at Pingoo’s English, a kids learning center in Bahrain’s Seef Mall. The screen was loaded with Snowflake ABC, a children’s suite, well designed and amazingly useful for children.

Here is the inauguration video of Pingoo’s english:

The touchscreen that you see in the video is done by us. It is a 10-touch 55″ surface wave touch screen with a high-performance industrial grade PC supporting it. The PC has a 2GB Nvidia graphics card, making it work smooth as a stallion.

We just realized how cool is it for kids centers to have massive touchscreens, as you’d agree – the best users of iPads are – kids! Kids these days tend to learn interaction with these devices much faster than adults. When interfaces are made using technologies like multi-touch screens, learning becomes more intuitive and fun.

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