OMG. 100-screen Video wall by Samsung

Sometimes you’d wonder do we need a video wall made of a whopping 100 screens? Apparently we do. Samsung’s stint at McCarran international airport to install this humongous video wall made with 100,  46″ screens sure has been engaging the audiences.

100-screen Samsung video wall at Las Vegas

Brands are leveraging this mega screen since McCarran airport is a venue to travelers from all over, especially the ones with great purchasing power.

It was inaugurated last year and has come a long way. Here’s it’s inaugural video:

Airports in cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha also should implement seamless video walls with at-least 50 screens, considering the tremendous possibilities of enticing travelers who are waiting in indoor areas of airports.

Seamless technology which is now common in cost-effective LCD screens offer bezel widths as low as 5.5 mm, offered by Orion, Samsung, Barco and NEC.

Orion, out of all the choices seems to be the most cost-effective and superior in quality, as it makes use of Samsung panels manufactured in their exclusive industrial-grade display factory in Korea.

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