Nation Towers Green Screen Video Booth

The Year 2022 started for PearlQuest with an opportunity to work with Creative Star Events for World of Illusions 2.0.

Taking pride in a place within the World of Illusions, Green Screen Video Booth is one of the most loved exhibits for both adults and kids alike. The customised experience involves using versatile backgrounds on a green screen backdrop of the most famous landmarks of the world such as the Times Square, New York, Eiffel Tower, Paris, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Aurora Borealis, Norway to name a few that create a variety of illusions for the audience. Visitors are asked to choose one of their favorite destinations of the world from a list of 10 options. They are then asked to walk on a treadmill and the backdrop creates an illusion as if the visitor is walking in front of their chosen location. The video booth then captures a 10-second video which is sent to their email for a keepsake. 

A bit on how the green screen video booth works:

Part of the scene is made by artificial reality and 3d rendering and all of that is brought to the movie and mixed with captured real footage from the camera and real scenes, our case being famous landmarks of the world.

The technique called “Chroma Key” is used to define the process.

It is simply based on removing a specific color from the current scene and replacing it with another source (color, video, picture). For keying a chroma, it is important to use a solid color that is seldom used in human skin or outfits etc. Most common colors used for this reason are Green or Blue. It is called Green Screen or Blue Screen.