Using Microsoft Kinect as an Effective Business Tool

In 2010, Microsoft launched Kinect for the Xbox 360. It allowed users to control video game characters and movements by gesture and voice directed toward a 3D sensor camera that was often required to be placed over the television.

Come 2012 and Microsoft transcended the video gaming arena and launched Kinect for Windows, a device that can be integrated with the Microsoft operating system to introduce gesture and voice control, thereby extending its application beyond gaming and into the commercial world. In our previous posts we have already stated that using interactive technology is a matter of intuition; it does not require training. In fact, it operates on a touch-free interface; it is entirely gesture and voice-controlled. This takes it a step ahead from the now commonplace touch technology.

That is why, when you as a retail store owner introduce this technology in your store, you will definitely find more and more customers attracted to it. It works excellently as a tool to drive sales and generate profits. It also functions as a strong marketing technique that will make a visit to your store memorable, and keep people coming back for more, eventually converting the visit into a sale.

Kinect for Windows has already been used by several clothing and toy stores to give users a feel of what it is to wear a certain item or play with a certain toy. So in a clothing store, a customer doesn’t have to change to see what a particular outfit will look like. The Kinect device will do it for them. They can choose between colours, prints, and sizes. They can even have pictures clicked in those clothes, scan the QR code to download them to their smartphone, and purchase the items immediately. The technology functions like a mirror that does all the work for them. All they have to do is gesture towards the outfit. It can even create a virtual shopping cart so that they only have to collect the items from the cashier instead of carrying around a shopping bag or cart.

While this virtual dressing room exists within a store, Kinect can be used even in window display, thereby reaching out to and attracting a larger group of customers. Impulse shoppers form the majority of shoppers for any retail outlet, and Kinect can be that one attractive factor that strengthens this impulse to buy. If you are participating in a trade show, this technology can be the showstopper for many passers-by and can increase interaction between you and your potential customer.

There is no specific age group that should be targeted. The NUI (natural user interface) of Kinect for Windows allows a person of any age to intuitively use the device and its associated applications.

The application of Kinect for Windows can go beyond retail and even put the tourism industry on the map. By creating virtual tours of places that people intend to travel to, travel companies can enhance the client’s experience to ensure that they get an almost real feel of what it is like to be in a particular city. It can be used as a tool in education, allowing children to learn virtually by capturing their attention.

Any screen can be turned into a gesture-controlled one with the Kinect sensor – a window display, a regular LCD, and even a desktop monitor. To implement this technology for your business, give us at PearlQuest a tinkle, and let us tell you how it can transform your business, sales, and revenue. Armed with the technology to implement Kinect for your business, PearlQuest can revolutionize the way your business functions and give you a head-start from the competition. Whether you are a small-business owner or a business with a national presence, allow us to upgrade the way you conduct business and drive sales to it.

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