PearlQuest Interactive’s Installation at the DEWA stand at WETEX Dubai, 2017

PearlQuest Interactive's Installation at the DEWA stand at WETEX Dubai, 2017

We created a multi touch application and integrated it into our 55″ touch screen kiosk, along with a 3 x 2 video wall made up of seamless screens. We created a nicely designed application based on DEWA’s branding guidelines, and basically made it work like a large tablet which controls the content going on the video wall.

[vc_video title=”PearlQuest Interactive’s Installation at the DEWA stand at WETEX Dubai, 2017″ link=””]

The multitouch application was well received and a lot of visitors coming to the WETEX exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre, had a very good overview on DEWA’s activities related to creating a positive impact on climate change.

Our iPad Pro Drawing Application used on the World’s largest projection mapping screen

We made an iOS app for iPad pros to be used for an area dedicated for drawing. Predominantly used by kids, they draw on the iPads inside the mall. Their drawings are stored on the cloud, and retrieved by the projection team. The best ones get featured on the world's biggest projection mapping screen (featured in the Guinness Book of World records, just yesterday - 4th of May 2017).

We made an iOS app for iPad pros to be used for an area dedicated for drawing. Predominantly used by kids, they draw on the iPads inside the mall.

Their drawings are stored on the cloud, and retrieved by the projection team. The best ones get featured on the world’s biggest projection mapping screen (featured in the Guinness Book of World records, just yesterday – 4th of May 2017).

Modern Digital Marketing: The New Traditional Marketing

We are far into the information age where everything and everyone is online. And catering to this never-seen-before online audience by means of traditional marketing methods is not only going to demand that you pump in a lot of funds, it is going to be relatively ineffective. There are more users online than those who watch TV or read the papers. To cater to this audience, a well-thought out digital marketing strategy is the only tool that will bring in the sales, because digital marketing is an expense that will generate recurring revenue from an audience that can be accessed without a restriction on location.


Reaching out to the internet-savvy consumer is has become much easier because of the number of avenues available to identify this audience. People can find out about you from an email, a social media message, a friend online, a YouTube video, an ad on the sidebar of a website they visit regularly, and so on. But first, you have to find them. You have to locate them. And you have to bring them to you.


Identifying Your Audience

Steve Woods, the author of the book, Digital Body Language, describes this phenomenon as the common actions of the online user which could include but are not limited to downloads, tweets, page visits, and social media actions. These actions enable online marketers to identify their audience by giving them an insight into their choices, likes, and dislikes.


This helps you move to the next step, i.e. personalizing this information to attract a very specific market, yet at a broad level because this market is huge.

Reaching Your Audience

It has already been established that most people now like to spend time online, be it on shopping websites, social networks, or other informational websites, and while the computer is still an active medium of access to these channels, the number of mobile devices used for this purpose is only increasing. It is imperative that as a marketer, you meet this audience where it is and don’t wait for it to come to you.


To reach this audience automated marketing is the best medium, in order to track a customer’s digital movements and then serve him information that is relevant to his requirement. After all, in the digital age, people are looking for this kind of personal attention online, because it is now the norm. With the growing number of users of smartphones, which make access to the internet so much easier, the amount of data online is crossing all limits (if there ever were any); thus, automated marketing is the only way to target this growing population and make sense of the marketing strategy you plan to implement.

Using Automated Marketing

The ideal automated marketing software would enable you to track your customer’s virtual footprints, collect and store this data, and use this data for online as well as real-time interactions to enhance customer experience. One interaction with your online presence can give you a head-start and allow you to find track this kind of data. Whether your customer is online at 4 a.m. or 3 p.m. this software should help you reach out to him by giving him a personalized offer that would make him want to click/tap to come to your website.

Automated marketing, however, still requires a lot of manual work and budgets cannot be restricted in this domain. What you essentially will have to do is use funds that were set aside for traditional modes of advertising to develop a digital marketing strategy that will reach out a large consumer base. The good news is that automated marketing is not the only solution, particularly if you are just starting out. Hiring a digital marketing manager who knows how to use online data and analyse market metrics via online tools can take you to a point where you can learn the tricks of the trade and then move on to more advanced marketing software to enable your business strategy.


But why should you take all this stress when you have PearlQuest, Dubai, at your service? From implementing simple digital marketing techniques to creating specialized solutions that will further your business, we have it all. What we want from you is some of your time and a clear understanding of your business and marketing goals. Spare some and pay us a visit, or better still, give us a call and we’ll come visit you. We assure you, this will be time well spent.

Digital Signage: An Important Link in a Vast Marketing Process

In our past posts, we have consistently highlighted how digital signage plays a vital role in the entire marketing process. However, it is not the only thing that is vital. A successful marketing strategy is an intelligent combination of the different media that can be used to engage potential customers. This media includes other digital media such as mobile marketing and social media marketing.

With people on the go at all times, it is important to develop a marketing strategy that combines various media into one to get customer attention. If a digital sign communicates a message, it should ideally have an association with your social media marketing message. This is definitely likely to make your message more memorable and effective.

How Digital Signage Fits into the Marketing Chain

Digital signage is an effective tool that allows your customers to interact with you, and allows you to track this information so that you may continually enhance your strategy. Digital signage analytics can give you measurable information about the general demographic of the group that interacts with you. It can also analyse their behaviour. While this may not always be one-hundred per cent accurate, it is fairly informative and can at least provide direction as to how to improve the marketing process.

The effectiveness of digital signage also lies in the fact that people now like to see more than read. They are more interested in attractive visual displays of products. The more attractive it is, the more someone will interact with the sign, and the more engaging it is, the easier it will be to convert this mere user into a customer.

While mobile marketing is also equally effective, measuring analytics poses a bit of a challenge as the mobile audience is continuously on the move. Also, with the different measures that can be taken to protect individual privacy and restrict the information they see, one can only go so far as to collect anonymous data that may or may not be helpful when improvising on the marketing vision and goals.

What’s more, the integration of social media with digital signage is still in its nascent stage. Less than 5% businesses have been able to successfully integrate this medium into their marketing strategy, which means there is a lot of scope in this area.

So how do you Integrate Digital Signage into Your Marketing Strategy?

To create a seamless experience between all your marketing media, a clear vision of the ultimate goal is imperative. This will ease the process of integration and is likely to generate the results you are looking for. For instance, do you want to merely make a viewer aware of your business, or do you want to convert them into a customer as soon as they see your digital signage display? Do you want to create some kind of interaction and offer something special just for interacting with your display, or are you content with merely directing them toward your business and taking it from there?

By implementing a marketing strategy that develops as your customer engages with the digital signage display, and by updating the content regularly, you could have yourself a winner.

Your vision of your goal is what will guide your entire marketing strategy. Remember, digital signage on its own can only go so far. With a predefined, well-thought-out plan, it can take your business places. Also remember not to keep this as the centre of your marketing plan. As mentioned earlier, the integration of different types of media is still in a nascent stage, so it is best to spread the plan evenly across different media.

For all your digital signage requirements in the UAE, there is only one place to go – PearlQuest. We offer customized solutions tailored to your marketing plans, and offer you unparalleled services to execute your digital signage and marketing plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re just a phone call away!

Dubai Set to Become a Smart City

On March 5, 2014, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the launch of a project to make Dubai a Smart City in the next three years. This endeavour will ensure that 1000 government services under transport, communication, infrastructure, electricity, economic services and urban planning are made smart by the year 2017.


With the smartphone playing the most important role in this effort and being called the key pivot, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stated,

“Our ambition is that this project touches the life of everyone in our country, or every mother in her house, or every employee in his work, or every investor in his project, or every child in his school, and doctor in his clinic. Our goal is to bring about happiness to all. May Allah help us in achieving this end.”


What This Means for Businesses All Over Dubai

To state it simply, the smartphone is what they call the key pivot in this initiative. Slowly, this one object that is owned by a majority of the population will alter the lifestyle of this city, making it much more convenient for residents to perform a variety of daily, mundane tasks like paying bills and travelling by public transport. It will play an important role in dealing with emergency situations, beyond the basic call-making ability. In a city that has envisioned a simpler future that relies majorly on smartphone technology, how are businesses going to cope with this continuously evolving lifestyle?


Dubai is ensuring that it makes its residents as comfortable as possible, that they live a lifestyle that they find nowhere else in the world. For a people that is so reliant on a simple technology that is leading to an uncomplicated lifestyle where to get even daily tasks done is cakewalk, where is the smart technology for businesses to ensure that their customers can maintain that level of comfort and luxury when shopping with them or dealing with them?

It is time for every business venture—product-oriented or service-oriented—in the city to step up and embrace this technology to make the shopping experience a memorable one for the consumer. Whether it is the virtual tour of a restaurant, an augmented reality app for a furniture store, or interactive technology using digital signage at a clothes store, these are components of a lifestyle that is slowly being introduced in the city of Dubai, and eventually the UAE.


Such technology that enables easy living can be integrated with any kind of business/service. For instance, augmented reality—a technology that can replicate real life situations can be used to provide contextual information when used in combination with an app on a smartphone that is facing a particular direction. This reduces real estate requirements as well as gives consumers a chance to experience life-like situations in an environment they are comfortable with. Retail store owners can introduce interactive digital signage that uses QR codes to allow a customer to make purchases with his smartphone.

This one device that most people now own can be used for the benefit of ANY kind of business, and there is no reason an ice cream vendor or a car parts manufacturer should be left behind.


In an entirely smart city, make your business smart by partnering with PearlQuest. We provide smart solutions for anything. And while we have a list of services, if you have an idea that does not fall within this list, you can suggest it to us, and we’re sure we’ll find a solution for you. We’re constantly thinking out of the box, and we are ensuring that every business we associate with benefits from our association in more ways than one. Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and discuss how your business can become a smart business. We’re waiting for you!

Measuring Shopper Engagement in Retail Locations

Every quarter or sometimes sooner, retail stores implement new methods of marketing to drive sales to their business. Displays are changed, massive marketing campaigns are launched, social media is integrated into this marketing campaign, seasonal sales are implemented, and overall, colossal efforts are taken in this direction. But how effective are these changes put together? For instance,

  • How do you know how much impact a change in display of a retail store is having on passersby?
  • Are they stopping to pay attention to this change?
  • What is their age and gender?
  • Do they like what they see?
  • How long do they engage with the display – window or digital?
  • Does it encourage them to buy something from the store?

If retail stores could get this data, it could revolutionize the way marketing departments of different businesses function. It could provide insights into the thought process and purchasing habits of retail customers like never before, and could help tailor marketing campaigns to these requirements.

How can you, as a retail store in one of the biggest retail hubs in the world – Dubai – obtain and utilize this precious data?

IntelliSense Shopper Insight Technology by Cenique Infotainment

PearlQuest, based in Dubai, UAE offers the exclusive IntelliSense Shopper Insight Technology by Cenique Infotainment to retail store owners so that they can gather minute data that will enable the steady evolution of their marketing efforts. IntelliSense offers a simple means of measuring shopper engagement in retail locations. This brings strike-point analytics to marketing professionals at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions, fully automated and in real-time.

IntelliSense can count impressions that tell you how many times someone engaged with the in-store marketing display. It also provides information about the viewer’s gender, facial expressions (smiling, blink rate, etc.), age group, dwell time (amount of time someone engaged with the display), the time of the day, and the day of the week.

How IntelliSense Works

IntelliSense utilizes one of the world’s smallest analytics engines to capture anonymous viewer data. It detects human faces that are only looking towards it and captures all the aforementioned data. It does not capture data of those walking by the store.

It then converts this information into analysable data charts that can be used to gather immensely valuable information for any retail business.

Because it is small it can be used easily. It consumes less power and captures all data anonymously. No videos are recorded. Only the necessary information is captured. This technology can be used, managed and updated from anywhere. It is not restricted to a single location.

The Implications of Using IntelliSense

IntelliSense can provide you with data you never had access to before. If used with digital signage, it can enable the change of on-screen content instantly to target the very user that is standing before the screen. It can allow you to create direct marketing campaigns to an audience that still hasn’t registered what it wants, but when it does, it readily buys the product. It can help you create products that will generate greater revenue based on the response to a similar previous product.

IntelliSense observes consumer behaviour in real-time situations rather than in simulated ones, or by simply conducting surveys that may or may not render genuine results. It tells you how customers behave around your product and may be far more accurate than most other efforts at gathering similar data.

For a retail store based in a city like Dubai, IntelliSense can help revolutionize sales strategies and have sales figures going through the roof. Involve PearlQuest in your journey by allowing us to implement this business-altering technology. Let’s meet up and discuss how IntelliSense can particularly benefit your business.

Digital Menu Boards – The Logical Next Step in the Evolution of the Restaurant Biz

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Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainIn our last post on digital signage we stated how this new electronic medium of marketing and communication is taking over the advertising industry and reaching out to a much larger audience than television.

This time, we will talk about how digital signage has evolved and specifically altered the retail industry as well as the retail experience through a slow and steady evolution that is still in progress.

What began as a mere screen displaying a couple of marketing messages within a store can now be used as an interactive screen that personalises the entire experience shopping for a customer. It can be used to monitor the kind of demographic that is entering the store, to sell products that aren’t physically available in the store, and even to establish a relationship with the customer by integrating social media with their experience. No longer does a screen have to be relegated to a wall in a retail store. The use of multiple screens to draw customer attention can transform your business model and your revenue figures.

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainWhy Use Digital Signage in Retail?

Shoppers are being consistently targeted with advertisements that may or may not be pertinent to their requirements. There are different media now—television, internet, mobile devices, and even digital signage in public places. As the number of advertisements via different media continues to increase, shoppers have learnt how to filter this information and look out for only what is pertinent to them. So, it is quite likely that all those ads that have been heavily invested in are being looked through by the target market because there’s too much to absorb.

When digital signage is used inside a retail store, it directly targets a customer you know is in need of a product. It then enhances the entire shopping experience by providing a state-of-the-art personalised experience to your customer. This improves brand loyalty, the shopping experience, and the chance that you have found yourself a regular customer who will return for more such personalised experiences.

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainHow Digital Signage Can Revolutionize the Retail Shopping Experience

Let’s consider a scenario. A woman enters a store looking for a bag. She picks up one and examines it. On a screen located just near this aisle, she can see a message that says ‘browse through for more colour options’ specifically relating to the bags on that particular aisle. She browses through on the screen and locates the bag she is looking at and looks at colour options that are probably not available in the store. She sees a message saying that this bag in the colour of her choice can be ordered online. She immediately places the order upon finding the one she wants with a promise of delivery within 1-2 days. Your customer just had a completely personalised shopping experience.

Based on this scenario, let’s see how you as a retail store owner will benefit.

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar Bahrain

  1. You don’t have to necessarily keep too much stock within a store with limited space. You can feature one product in your store and the remaining options online
  2. You can reduce the number of on-floor sales staff as customers are familiar with using touch devices and will intuitively be able to interact with the signage you have put up in your store. This digital signage can also be used to guide customers to other products within the store
  3. Your customers will be able to make an instant decision. Not only will your customers rely on their experience of the product within the store, they will combine it with the information provided via digital signage and make an informed decision that they are more likely to be happy with
  4. This will boost sales significantly and help you achieve your sales and revenue targets

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainAnd the Biggest Benefit?

You can reach out to each and every one of your customer and give them a different, unique experience every time they enter the store. You can cater to individual requirements rather than broadcasting vague marketing messages that may or may not be applicable to that customer at that time. You can interact with customers from different backgrounds and thought processes and use that data to further streamline your marketing campaign. You will be able to identify a unique customer base, which of course will be prone to changes due to impulse shopping, but one which will finally help you refine your information about your target market.

How Else Can Retail Store Owners Use Digital Signage?

The electronic display of information within your store via LCD screens can lead to a massive improvement in the way you conduct business. Use digital signage to:

  1. Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainProvide in-store maps so that customers know exactly where they can find a particular product.
  2. Showcase the highest-selling product or the product of the week or a newly launched product in style.
  3. Allow customers to interact with the signage by giving them the option to experiment with different looks in a clothes store, for example. Or let them choose product specifications so that they are able to find the exact product that they are looking for.
  4. Enable sensors that detect the product a customer is looking at, and immediately provide more information about that product on a nearby screen.
  5. Capture data about your store demographic and use this data for qualitative research to improve your sales and marketing campaign.

Digital signage is yet another means to an end – a means that has well evolved into adapting to continuously changing customer behaviour that is bombarded by technology. Instead of splashing ads at irrelevant locations, in-store promotions via digital signage can benefit your business to a great extent. It is an innovative channel to attract customer attention and retain it. However, it should not be overused as consumers have learned to filter information that is not pertinent to them. As such, the content should be captivating and the sign should be located where the customer will need it.

Digital Signage has Evolved and Changed the Retail Industry Dubai and Abu Dhabi Doha Qatar BahrainBy incorporating the essence of the shopping experience and altering the way customers now shop within a store, digital signage may well be that one marketing tool you need to boost sales and revenue. In Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, PearlQuest can help you with customized solutions for your digital signage requirements. For any of the aforementioned needs, or even those that haven’t been mentioned here, PearlQuest can give you unique and creative digital signage solutions for your retail store and help you augment your revenue from sales. Give us a call and let’s talk further.