Obscura Digital’s Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque

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Something amazing had happened in Abu Dhabi last December. And the sad part is we don’t even know about it? The idea of architectural projection is one of the most astounding experiences anyone could get. I’m sure not many people in Abu Dhabi actually know that this was done on the National day.

Obscura Digital's Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque

Obscura Digital’s Architectural Projection on the Grand Mosque

I wish I was there… Looking at the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque must have been an amazing moment. The marble which is used in this mosque must have given the other dimension, a cut above the rest. It’s quite evident in the video below:

Here’s what the Obscura site said:

In tribute to the United Arab Emirates 40th Anniversary, Obscura Digital has been commissioned to create a first ever series of elaborate projections that illuminate two landmarks of national identity – the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and the historic Al Jahili Fort – in the unique oasis city of Al Ain.

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