We offer the following solutions for your business:

  • Digital Building Directory
  • Gaze Interface Development: PearlQuest brings you a one-of-its-kind consumer engagement technology
  • Interactive Touch and Multi-touch Interfaces
    Our solutions can give an extra-edge to your booth, when customers are attracted looking at this unique interaction. With a plethora of screens seen in public areas, retail spaces and tourist attractions, giving those an 'interactive' aspect can result in superior engagement. At PearlQuest, we can turn any screen into an interactive one by unique combinations of hardware & software.
  • Mobile & Tablet Application Development
    Tablet applications as a consumer interface has been the choice for many businesses Restaurants: Increase orders by 20-40% and overall revenue by 7-14% per customer using an interactive tablet menu. Lets customers order from their table and registers the bill to the PoS directly
  • Social Media Events Displays
  • Web Development
    All our customers have seen an increase in their lead-generation from 1 per week to 3 per day on average. UAE is all about trading. The main stream of income depends on sales, and sales can't do without lead generation. We build websites and mobile applications only with one clear intention - to convert more leads into customers.
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